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| Be aware of your surroundings | Drive slowly | No burnouts | No excessive engine revving |

Dutch version coming online soon!

IHM was never dead… it was just asleep. On saturday September the 14th between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, at the Midland Circuit near Lelystad we are organising an International Honda Meeting, just like the original IHM, from Honda Enhtousiasts for Honda Enthousiasts!

But that’s not all! We want to Revive IHM with a blast, so we’ll be adding quite some excitement.

During this meeting there will be several activities you can choose to participate in, like the Slalom Time Trial, Head to Head Oval racing, and also non track related activities, like a Show and Shine battle and lots of awards you can win by just parking your car on the show terrain.

Registration has never been easier and worth your while too. Pre-registration will only cost € 5,00 pp, instead of € 8,00 at the entrance. Just fill in this Online Form to register.

If you are a member of a Honda club, please make sure the club is registered first before your sign up.

Nobody likes long waits to enter a meeting. So we have done our best to make pre-registration as easy as possible and encourage you to register and pay in advance. This way entrance to the meeting will be swift and painless.

The entrance fee is only € 5,00 per person and NO additional costs for your car. Paying at the entrance will cost € 8,00 pp. All Honda’s are welcome of course and Honda Clubs will get reserved parking space so all club members can park together.

Just fill in all the required fields, and optional fields if you want to enter the competition for one of the many free awards and prices.

Register here!

Please note that you can also pre-register for some of the paid activities on the registration form. You can also sign up for those activities at the meeting itself, but there is a limited amount of time available for the activities on track. Full=Full!

All the major car meetings are only a great succes if a lot of car clubs  attend the meeting. It doesn’t matter if your club is small or large. All Honda related clubs are welcome and will be parked together on a reserved space on the event terrain.

It is important you register your club first, before your members register. During the personal registration you have the option to choose a registered Club. We will register all members belonging to a club and will also add to their Personal Entrance Ticket, so our stewards can direct them fast and save to the clubs designated parking area.

Register your Club here!

Now that we have a final date and location, we will be actively recruting sponsor and stands for IHM. We will soon update this part with all attending partners, sponsors and stands.

If you have, or work for a company with Honda related merchandise or you know someone who might be interested, please leave a message at We have room for atleast 12 stands.

So here is where this new IHM is a bit different from the previous ones. This years unique location gives us the opportunity to spice things up a bit with some nice activities. In the comming weeks we still might change or add activities, but here is what we have so far:

Time trial on a Slalom parcours

This is all about reaction speed precision driving and controlling your car. Can you beat the clock and become fastest in your class, or even of the day? Everyone will get 5 rounds to set the fastest lap time.

  • Time Trial with your own car € 25,00
  • Time Trial with 120 HP rental Race car: € 80,00
  • Time Trial with 170 HP rental Race car: € 100,00

Head to Head on the Oval

Challenge that special friend who is always boasting he’s the fastest! Or just go head to head with someone you’ve never met. Do you have the fastest car and biggest balls in your class? You’ll be driving 2 full laps. The first who crosses the finish line, wins. To win the battle, you need to beat your opponent 2 out 3 races.

  • Head to Head Race with your own car: € 25,00
  • Head to Head with two equal 170 HP rental cars: € 100,00 pp

Show and Shine Battle

Is the track not for you, because your car might get dirty or your paint might get chipped? Don’t worry we have a Show and Shine battle as well! “Mirror, mirror on the wall, is your car the shiniest of them all?”

Awards and prices

During the whole day members of our independent jury will be strolling the terrain looking for that very special car in it’s class. So don’t forget to pop the hood if you want the “Cleanest Enging Bay Award”. There will also be awards for things like the best Classic Honda, or the most OUTRAGOUS design, or even who has driven the GREATEST distance to get to the meeting.

Registrerd cars

Location and Route

Midlands Circuit Lelystad

Talingweg 89
8218 NX Lelystad
The Netherlands

Start time: 11:00 am
End time:   18:00 pm

The Midlands Circuit is located centraly in the Netherlands and very easilly reachable.

Comming from the Highway A6, Take the exit “Lelystad/Harderwijk” then turn to the east to “Harderwijk”, The first exit is “Midland Circuit”.

If you come from the A1 (east) or A28 (north or south), take the exit to the N302 and follow it in the direction of Lelystad, then, when your close, follow the signs “Midlands Circuit”